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Advanced Quality Management & Laboratory Testing Solutions
eQual is a QA solution for any testing. Our customers use eQual to test dairy products (manufacturing), wool, waste water treatment plants and the environment.
eQual can be used for the simplest of testing through to the most complex of manufacturing sample registration and testing schemes.
eQual handles automatic sample and testing registration for ‘in-process’ and ‘finished product’, result entry, result validation, invoicing, product grading and certification through to finished product release. Results can be automatically recorded from any communication capable laboratory test instrument. Finished product status can be exported to various ‘manufacturing’ systems.
For environmental testing; eQual can be used to schedule regular testing automatically; allow laboratory customers to register their own samples over the internet. Confirmation emails can be sent when samples are receipted into the laboratory. Result Reports or Certificates can be emailed to customers when they are produced as well as invoices.

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eQual software development started in 2000 and was built on our previous LIMS; LabPro. eQual has been successfully sold and implemented in all of the major New Zealand dairy manufacturing companies, a major wool testing laboratory, water and effluent treatment plants and commercial laboratories throughout New Zealand.
eQual will run on any of the popular web browsers and will eventually be database independent.

The complete laboratory information and quality management system
  • Test Master
  • Client Sample Registration
  • Worksheets / Jobsheets / Worklists
  • Result Validation
  • Scheduling
  • Customer Quotes
  • Labelling / Chain of Custody
  • In-Processing and finished goods
  • Invoicing
  • Registration of Samples
  • Recording of tests to be performed
  • Collection of results
  • Reporting and Querying
  • Test Formatting
  • Automatic Result Exception notification
  • Instrument Interfacing
  • Certificates (COA’s) or Customer Reports

Technical Features
  • Internet enabled User Font End
  • No deployment software for users
  • LabPro Background Tasker
  • Email Reports & Exceptions
  • Instrument Data Acquisition
  • MS-Excel generated Worksheets from Work Lists
  • Web Browser – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • Multi-Platform/Multi-Tier – better scalability
  • Relational Database – SQL 92 compliant
  • Barcoding
  • Automated Data Transfer
  • Emailed Alerts

Providing Quality
  • Supports Quality Certification
  • Traceability of exceptions
  • Increased return on instrument investment
  • Early Alerts for unacceptable results
  • Product Maturity 

Alert from Aqua Testing Authority (TWEESDALE CITY COUNCIL)

Batch Number


Customer Ref:

Work Area ID


Sample Number


Product Code


Customer Code


Sub Sample




Description ...


Sample Weight

Primary Email

Sample Weight .




Sample Notes

Product Description


Test Code

ACIDITY - Acidity to pH 8.3


0.86 mg/L CaCO3 (.15 - .75)



  • Result Reporting
  • Worksheet Generation
  • Pre-Determined Sample Registration
  • Certificates
  • Invoices
  • Proven in a 24 x 7 operation

License / Implementation & Support Costs
What is your license fee?
  • Unlimited $1,000,000* or
  • Per User $5,000*
Annual Support & Maintenance
  • Annual Support and Maintenance 20% of the Total License Fee*.
  • Includes upgrades which can be provided on CDs or downloaded from our Support Site.
  • We can carry out upgrades if required preferably via Remote Access for free or on site for $300 per hour* plus travel accommodation costs.
If you wish Labpro 2000 Ltd to Host eQual:
  • Per User $400 per month*
  • Enhancement costs $300 per hour*. This is a fixed cost once a quote is provided to the customer & authorised.
*  Prices as at February 2017 and maybe subject to change.

Here are some of the components which allow you to automate and manage the workflow of any Laboratory:-